Invited Talks

My most recent academic talks focus on my current research on patient expertise and the co-production of medical knowledge online. Outside academia, my talks have engaged industry and community stakeholders to think critically about ethics in AI and the impact of digital health on the wellbeing of patients and communities.

Academic Talks

The Role of Emotions in the Epistemic Enquiry of Users of an Online Health Community
27 October 2021
Henley Business School, University of Reading (UK)

In this talk, I explore the role of emotions in influencing how users of a diabetes online community deal with the controversy surrounding unconvential clinical advice. While learning in online health communities has often been viewed as an intellectual process, a major contribution of this research is to illuminate the role of emotions in epistemic enquiry.

Digital Health and Social Justice
22 September 2021
New School-University of Bristol Joint Event: Management and Social Justice (UK-US)

The talk provides a critique of the implications of latest developments in digital health for social justice. The talk questions whether individualistic and person-centred models of digital health may widen deep-seated health inequalities and social injustices. It concludes with a reflection about the need for a community-centred model of digital health which can provide for the wider healthcare and social care needs in society.

A Journey into the Epistemic Practices of a Diabetes Online Community
16 September 2019
“Exploring the Educational Value of Digital Health Platforms” Workshop, University of Sussex (UK)

The talk presents preliminary findings about the epistemic practices of a diabetes online community. Whilst community members are motivated and capable of enacting virtuous epistemic practices, the talk also discusses the ambivalence of apparently virtuous epistemic practices of a diabetes online community, which could have unintended consequences and conceal epistemic vices.

The Role of Online Health Communities in Patient-Centred Care
26 April 2017
With Philip F. Wu (Royal Holloway, University of London), University of Hertfordshire (UK)

The talk explores the implications of online health communities for patient empowerment and health self-management.

Industry and Community Talks

Artificial Intelligence: A Balancing Act Between Business Growth and Fairness
13 July 2022
BT “Never Stop Learning” Event (UK)

Based on the examples of optimisation algorithms at Amazon Prime and Airbnb, the talk gives insights into the tension between fairness and efficiency in the use of machine learning to automate decisions and tasks.

Digital Health
23 November 2021
Raymond Nicolet Trust Podcast (Serbia)

In this podcast, I discuss opportunities and challenges in digital health, including patients’ consumption/production of health information and medical knowledge online.

Fairness in Algorithmic Decision Making
19 May 2021
Lloyd Banking Group (UK)

The talk focuses on bias, fairness, accountability, and privacy in automated decision making and recommendation systems, based on industry examples in insurance, finance, and healthcare.

Digital Health: Are Doctors Ready for the Digital Patient?
17 April 2021
The People’s Republic of Stokes Croft, School of Activism 2.0 (UK)

In this talk, I explore the implications of technological developments for the patients’ experience with illness and self-management and the doctor-patient relationship.

The Human Side of AI. The Impact of AI on the Service Industry
09 February 2021
Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Business and Economics Talks (UK)

This talk focuses on how the use of chatbots and service robots is transforming the service industry.